50g CBD Blossom Honey 400mg CBD/100g.


-sweet and fresh – blossom blend

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Blend of UK blossom honeys,great as a food additive for everyday use. Pour over porridge or a toast. This is 100% honey so crystalisation may occur,if this happends place jar in warm water,or use crystalised. Hint of natural mint oil has been added making it quite unusual in taste,some love it , some dont.

-store at room temperature.

-do not refrierate.

-made by UK bees.



ENERGY: 1416kJ/ 333 kcal.

Fat: < 0.5g  of which saturated < 0,1g

Carbohydrate: 83g  of which sugars ≅70g.

Fibre < 0.5g.

Protein < 0.5g.

Salt= 0.02g.