30ml 30% /9000mg CBD Isolate oil.


30ml 30%/9000mg CBD Isolate oil.

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CBD Isolate is the crystalized and purest form of CBD. It comes in form of clear crystals or white powder.

Difference between Full spectrum oils and Isolate oils.

Our Full spectrum oils are extracted from the plant, raffinated and bottled. Whats in the plant goes in to the bottle (-THC). This kind of oil contains not only CBD but also CBN,CBG,CBC,CBDA,d9HC,THCa,fatcs and acids. So for those wishing or willing absorb such substances it will be an oil of choice.

Our CBD Isolate oil is made of CBD isolate dissolved in hemp seed oil. Main difference is possibility to strictly control the content of CBD and assurance there is no other substances inside. Our experience also shows CBD Isolate oil works quicker and possibly is more effective. Please note it is a subjective opinion of us and ours customers.

 Directions of use:

Shake the bottle well before every use. Squeeze two drops of oil under the tongue ,hold for approximately 30-40 seconds for better absorption before swallowing. It is recommend to use 2-3 times daily, preferably after the meal.

-THC Free.

-CBD 30%/9000mg 30ml.

-mint flavour.

-hemp oil+ CBD isolate.

-1 bottle contains around 600 drops.

-1 drop contains;



Cannabidiol (CBD),Hemp oil ,Peppermint oil ,Naturally present terpenes.